Altar Servers

altar servers

The altar servers help the Priest throughout the liturgy.
Anyone who has received their First Holy Communion and is trained can be an altar server.  At the beginning of the Mass the altar servers process into the church with the Priest, and they bring religious symbols such as the cross or candles into the sacred space. During the Preparation of the Gifts, the altar servers stand either side of the Priest at the front of the altar to receive the gifts. They then take the gifts and the water used by the Priest to the altar table.

Servers prepare and assist at Mass.  This ministry is open to boys and girls of the parish.  Those in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades at school serve the Monday School Children’s 8:30 am and noon Masses.  High school and religious education students are scheduled to serve weekend Masses.  Servers may also be asked to serve at funerals.

Is there a need for more participation in this ministry
We encourage our School & RE students to be servers at weekend Masses.
Time commitment   approximately once per month.  We will work with your child’s availability
Head Coordinator  The RE Office , 937-298-2402