Hearing Aid Loop

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The Church has a hearing aid loop on the Church side (not on the Chapel side).

Below is a brief You Tube instructional  video that be be found helpful.

How do I use a hearing loop?

To use a hearing loop, you need to adjust a setting on your hearing aids.  Please note: not all hearing aids have this feature.

  1. Enter the room and sit closer to the middle than the edge.
    The hearing loop may not work as well if you're on the border of the room.
  2. Turn your hearing aid to the "T" setting.
    T stands for "telecoil" which translates the signal from the loop into audio in your hearing aid.
  3. If your hearing aids have manual volume settings, adjust the volume until the audio comes through clearly.
    If you have arrived early, you may need to ask a presenter to speak into a live microphone to test.