On Hold until further notice

It has now been over two years since the first regional Sensory Friendly Mass was celebrated at St. Helen  by Bishop Binzer and much has happened  in our lives. Like any relationship we grow and mature as we get to know each other so it is with  persons (and their families) that navigate sensory and other related issues daily. Through celebrating these types of Masses at area parishes, as well as listening sessions and planning meetings we have found that efforts toward a more inclusive community is paramount. We all recognize that being part of a welcoming community is very important, especially plotting a course through this ever changing pandemic!

Other things we have learned is that most families prefer to participate in liturgies at their own parishes and right now many will be participating online rather than in person. Some changes may be subtle; softer, slower, and more direct and concrete. In the upcoming Mass some parts of the Mass will be spoken rather than sung. There will be a few resources at the entrances of the Church and chapel side. The Order of Mass outline and the meaning and postures during different parts of the Mass being a couple. We welcome you to open yourselves to the many manifestations of the Spirit through all of our brothers and sisters.