Safe Parish Child Protection

Anyone who is current with their Virtus training will receive an email asking them to register with Safe Parish.  If you have updated your information with Virtus, this new registration should go easy.
Safe Parish will check the information with Virtus and transfer your training, fingerprints, background check form, etc over to Safe Parish.

There will be no in-person training.  Training sessions (called bulletins)  will be sent out quarterly and you will have 30 days to finish them.
They run about an hour, and you will be asked to stop and answer questions along the way.  If you have not finished within the 30 days your status will automatically be listed as non-approved.

The email you receive should have all the information you need to register.
If needed, the website is

You will need to register with the Safe Parish site and take the online training.
And all general information can be found HERE.  (FAQ can be found at the bottom of the website in the link.)

The Archdiocese has moved to SafeParish as the new platform for Child Protection training and
compliance. SafeParish is an organization that specializes in training and education solutions for
organizations worldwide. They have 20+ years of experience in providing child safe environment
training programs. SafeParish will continue to work with our current background check provider

  • All training / background checks in current VIRTUS will be transferred to SafeParish.  NO NEW TRAINING 
  • Ongoing training will still be required through SafeParish; however, it will be quarterly instead of monthly.
  • Under the VIRTUS, if you miss 3 monthly bulletins, you are out of compliance. With the new SafeParish, if you miss only 1 quarterly training, you will be out of compliance.
  • Questions, contact  Sara Schwager

SafeParish in a Nutshell

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