Social Action

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Coordinator:  Marie McManus

Following is a message from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Social Action Office.  “We want to lift up in prayer those who are affected by the senseless gun violence that continues to plague our country. We remember not only those who die everyday from suicide and other gun-enabled deaths, but also those who have been killed at the hands of racist terrorists (most recently in Buffalo) and those who have been murdered where they should have been safe and loved (most recently at Robb Elementary in Uvalde). We stand with the USCCB in strong support of a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, regulations on the sale of handguns, improved mental health interventions, and so-called "red flag laws" (ERPOs (extreme risk protection orders)). It is up to us to hold our state and federal legislators accountable for their action (or lack thereof) in protecting the lives of all citizens from gun violence. Our state legislators have now left Columbus with no plans to return until after the Nov. election, so please engage in any and all efforts that will encourage current or potential legislators to commit to policies that protect the dignity of life and then vote for those legislators who lay out the platform most faithful to that charge.”