Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is a ministry for intercessory prayer. This wonderful ministry is coordinated by parishioners Lois Foley, Patty Lammert, and Monica Etienne. All three ladies are long- time members of the parish.

The Prayer Chain works by calling or emailing your request to Lois, Patty or Monica. “It is all very confidential, so there is no need to be afraid”, says the coordinators. There are about 35 members who pray. These prayerful volunteers call in every Thursday to get the prayer requests. The requests stay on the list for 3 months, but can be extended if needed. Lois, Patty, and Monica love it when people follow up with them so they can see how prayer has interceded.

On behalf of our parish community, we thank you for your prayers of healing and love!  To become a member of this ministry, or to put in a prayer request, contact the coordinators.

Coordinator:  Patty Lammert