Mr. Joe Whatley, New Music Director

Mr. Joe Whatley, New Music Director

The liturgical musicians help the people to respond through music and song during the Mass. They lead the assembly at key points in the liturgy such as the Entrance Procession, the Psalm, the Alleluia, the Eucharistic Prayer, and Communion. The liturgical musicians could be those who sing, play instruments, and join with others in a choir. Being able to read music is a plus, but not a requirement.

Music Ministry provides opportunities for many individuals to participate as vocalists and instrumentalists. Musicians lead the congregation in song prayer and add to the spirituality of the liturgy.

  • Parish Choir 
    The parish choir is open to all parishioners, high school age and above.  
  • Resurrection Choir
    This choir provides musical support for parish funeral liturgies.
  • St. Albert Singers
    For more information, contact Lou Lunne at 298-7485.
  • Youth Choir
    This group of singers proclaims the Word of God. Membership is open to those from junior high to adult.

Joe Whatley, 937-281-1085
Youth:  Judy Drake