Meals for the Homeless

Any parishioner who wishes to help provide meals to the homeless at St. Vincent Hotel are encouraged to sign up for either a casserole, fruit/vegetable, or cookies. Pans and recipes are picked up in the gathering space the last weekend of each month.  On the first Saturday of the next month, the food is prepared by the parishioner and brought to the breezeway in front of the gathering space to be placed on a delivery truck. Parishioners provide about 360 meals per month. Note:  there are some date changes due to holiday seasons.  Please see schedule.

Kim White  (937) 522-1297

2023 Meals for the Homeless Schedule

  • Click here for the 2023 Schedule and Casserole Recipes / Other Option Choices
  • Make a casserole for the Homeless Shelter, or provide the other option, usually a vegetable and/or cookies.
  • Pans and recipes will be set out in the Gathering Space .
    People are welcome to use any disposable pan if they are not able to get to the church to pick one up.
  • The casserole recipe and other option information can also be found below. 
  • Click here for the Drop off  Schedule and the casserole recipes. 
  • Drop off plan is:
  • - Regular drop off time (9am - 10am)  at the breezeway
  • - Anyone who can’t make the drop off time can deliver their items directly to St Vincent de Paul Shelter.
  •    St Vincent DePaul built a new kitchen behind the community store at 945 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd.
  • - Please have the items for drop off be in the trunk or back of your vehicle
  • - Please stay in their vehicle, while we take the items out of the trunk/back of the vehicle
  • See information below, or contact Kim White,
  • To make monetary donations to St. Vincent de Paul, click here
  • Contact for St. Vincent:  Michael Vanderburgh
    937-222-5555 x422