Inclement Weather

It’s that Time of Year… Inclement Weather Policy per Father Ed

The Kettering Catholic Community will implement the following policy for Masses. After seeking input from staff representatives at each location, looking at safety needs, maintenance/snow removal procedures and in conjunction with Fathers Tom and Chibueze, here is the inclement weather information all need to know:

  • Weekend Masses will continue as scheduled unless there is a terrible blizzard.
  • Funerals will continue taking into account advice plans from funeral homes.

Daily Mass will follow these practices:

  • Daily Mass will be cancelled at any location where that location's school is on delay or closed. It is possible that not all school locations will be delayed or closed on the same day, but we want to be consistent--delay or closed school: that location has no daily Mass.
  • Decisions on Daily Masses on days when school is not in session will be handled by Father Ed in consultation with the other priests. He has the code to alert WHIO for publication. Some parishes have daily Mass email lists to be used to communicate when possible.

These practices vary from what each of the three parishes have done in the recent past. However, now that our priests are driving to locations, the need to be safe, maintenance schedules, elderly daily Mass attendees and the need to be consistent at all three locations form the foundations for this decision.